Moby Dick by Herman Melville


  • Author(s): Herman Melville.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: 1851.
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Moby Dick by Herman Melville

“Call me Ishmael” is one of the most famous sentence in the literature world. And pretty much everyone knows who is referred to when mentioned. Moby Dick is the well-known book written by Herman Melville, and published in 1851.

Moby Dick or The Whale, follows the story of Captain Ahab and his obsesive quest to get revenge of the whale that took half of his leg. The book coined one of the most iconic and significant opening sentences in world literature.

Melville’s writings often explored profound philosophical and psychological themes, and he is considered a precursor to modernist literature. He passed away on September 28, 1891, but his legacy as one of America’s most influential literary figures endures to this day.

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Herman Melville was an American writer born on August 1, 1819, in New York City. He is best known for his novel "Moby-Dick," which is considered one of the greatest works of American literature. Melville's early career was marked by popular adventure novels, but he struggled to achieve financial success as a writer.

After the publication of "Moby-Dick" in 1851, which initially received mixed reviews, Melville's literary reputation declined, and he turned to other occupations to support himself. It was not until the 20th century that his work began to be recognized and appreciated for its complex themes and innovative style.


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