The Things We Leave Unfinished by Rebecca Yarros


  • Author(s): Rebecca Yarros.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: February 23, 2021.
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ISBN: 978-1-68281-588-5

The Things We Leave Unfinished by Rebecca Yarros

“Everything I love in a story and it’s all held together by superb writing. Prose, passion, plot. This book has it all.” — Amy Harmon, New York Times bestselling author

Georgia Stanton, a twenty-eight-year-old woman, finds herself starting anew after sacrificing almost everything in a brutal divorce. She had to let go of her New York house, her friends, and her pride. Returning to her late great-grandmother’s estate in Colorado, she unexpectedly encounters Noah Harrison, a bestselling author known for his romance novels featuring couples on the verge of kissing. Noah’s real-life demeanor matches his arrogant public persona, and Georgia refuses to believe that this handsome purveyor of love stories is the right person to complete her grandmother’s final novel, despite the publisher’s insistence that he’s the perfect fit.

Noah is at the pinnacle of his career, with numerous book and movie deals under his belt. He’s considered the “golden boy” of contemporary fiction, having achieved almost everything one could dream of. However, he can’t resist the temptation of finishing the masterpiece left incomplete by his idol, Scarlett Stanton. Finding a suitable ending for the legendary author’s work is one challenge, but dealing with Georgia, her beautiful, stubborn, and cynical great-granddaughter, proves to be another hurdle altogether.

As they delve into Scarlett’s manuscript and read her collection of letters, Noah and Georgia begin to understand why she never completed the book. It turns out that the story is based on Scarlett’s real-life romance with a World War II pilot, and the ending is far from happy. Georgia, who firmly believes that love always ends in disappointment, is determined to learn from her great-grandmother’s mistakes, even if it means jeopardizing Noah’s career, despite their undeniable chemistry and connection.

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"Yet again Rebecca Yarros has shown her skill and prowess with beautifully presented manipulations of the written word. She can produce just about anything with her trusty pen, typewriter or computer." -Pauline C., Goodreads

"The Things We Leave Unfinished is a captivating and immersive read that introduces two unforgettable romances." -Julie P., Goodreads

"The "feels" that jumped off the page and the romance so beautifully written are just a couple of the elements that elevated this story." -Shirley Q., Goodreads
Publisher: ‎Entangled. February 23, 2021.
Language: English.
Paperback: 448 pages.
ISBN-10: ‎1682815668.
ISBN-13: 978-1682815663.

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