Rebel by Rebecca Yarros


  • Author(s): Rebecca Yarros.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: 2017.
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Rebel by Rebecca Yarros (The Renegades)

An absolute must-read. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating escapade, brimming with adrenaline and bound by forbidden love.

Introducing Penna Carstairs, better known as Rebel, the audacious figure who has claimed the title of FMX-treme Magazine’s sexiest female athlete of the year. In the realm of extreme sports, there are no rules she hasn’t shattered, and no gender barrier she hasn’t overcome.

She’s the captivating woman fate brought me to in a Vegas bar. The woman for whom I took the daring plunge of an illegal BASE jump. The woman with whom I shared an unforgettable, wild night. But now, I find myself in a precarious situation.

You see, the woman who has taken hold of my thoughts is the one woman I can never have again. I am Dr. Cruz Delgado, the youngest professor on this esteemed campus, and fate has thrown a curveball my way. Penelope Carstairs has just stepped into my classroom.

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With a remarkable track record that includes topping the charts of the New York Times, USA Today, Sunday Times, and Wall Street Journal, Rebecca is an acclaimed author with a portfolio of over fifteen captivating novels. Among her notable works is the highly praised "Fourth Wing," a book that never fails to ignite a whirlwind of emotions within its readers.

Recognized for her exceptional talent, Rebecca has been honored with the prestigious Colorado Romance Writer's Award of Excellence in the New Adult category for her outstanding contribution to the genre. Specifically, her Flight and Glory series, particularly the book "Eyes Turned Skyward," captured the hearts of readers and earned her this esteemed recognition.


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