Nova by Rebecca Yarros


  • Author(s): Rebecca Yarros.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: 2016.
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Nova by Rebecca Yarros (The Renegades)

He’s got one shot to make it right.

Meet Landon Rhodes, also known as Nova, the enigmatic renegade. With his striking looks, brooding demeanor, and adorned in captivating tattoos, he is not only a professional snowboarder but also a seductive force. As a four-time X Games medalist, he has both the talent and the reputation of breaking hearts.

Rumors circulate that a girl once shattered him, fueling his recklessness, drive, and careless approach to conquests. But that girl is me. They may label me as his curse, but we both acknowledge the truth. It was him who shattered me, and I refuse to be the fool who allows history to repeat itself.

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With a remarkable track record that includes topping the charts of the New York Times, USA Today, Sunday Times, and Wall Street Journal, Rebecca is an acclaimed author with a portfolio of over fifteen captivating novels. Among her notable works is the highly praised "Fourth Wing," a book that never fails to ignite a whirlwind of emotions within its readers.

Recognized for her exceptional talent, Rebecca has been honored with the prestigious Colorado Romance Writer's Award of Excellence in the New Adult category for her outstanding contribution to the genre. Specifically, her Flight and Glory series, particularly the book "Eyes Turned Skyward," captured the hearts of readers and earned her this esteemed recognition.


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