Emma by Jane Austen


  • Author(s): Jane Austen.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: 1815.
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Emma by Jane Austen

A real classic

Emma is a fun novel that introduces us to how dangerous it can be to misinterpret affectionate feelings. Its protagonist Emma, is a wealthy and very spoiled young woman who goes through life playing matchmaker for her friends, which will present her with all kinds of situations.

Since 1967 many adaptations of the book have been made, both for film and television.



"Emma" by Jane Austen is a classic novel set in early 19th-century England. The story revolves around Emma Woodhouse, a young, intelligent, and wealthy woman who lives with her father in the village of Highbury.

Emma fancies herself as a matchmaker and enjoys manipulating the romantic lives of those around her.


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