The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne


  • Author(s): Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: 1850.
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The Scarlet Letter is a fictional drama-romance novel set in 1600 puritan Massachusetts bay. The events take place between the years of 1642 to 1649. When a young Hester Prynne get pregnant with an unknown man, while her husband remains lost and presumed dead at sea. The townpeoples force her to wear a scarlet red letter A on her chest as a symbol of her sin and to her shame, for she has become an Adulteress, that is what the letter A stands for.  However, later in the story the letter A would become the symbol of the love she shared with the man who fathered her child.

  • In 1995 Hollywood brought the adaptation of the Hawthorne’s book to the big screen. With performances by the well-know Gary Oldman in the role of the Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale and a very young Demi Moore in the role of Hester Prynne. Robert Duvall portrayed Roger Chillingworth.


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