Swank Magazine #138 – June 2008


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  • Publication date: June 2008.
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  • Swank Magazine Swank #138 – June 2008.
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Swank June 2008

Swank Magazine #138 - June 2008 magazine back issue cover image


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Swank Magazine #138 – June 2008


  • Celebrity Rehab! On Set With Mary Carey!
  • Homemade Porn! Sexxx Crazed Amateur Hotties!
  • Pubes For Sale! Own A Piece Of Her Pussy!
  • Wanted: Tiffany.

Swank Magazine #138 – June 2008.


6 Lanny Barby
Sizzling hot babe!
18 Mary's Mailbox
Lick it and stick it! –
20 Lavish & Alex
Sugar so sweet!
30 Those Were The Lays
Sell it, don't smell it!
34 Bree
Hair of gold, slit of pink!
42 XXX Reality Check
Barnacle fuckin' Bill!
46 Suzie & Vivien
Labe licking lovers!
58 Stuff
Gimmie some of that!
60 Rachael
What perfect pussy looks like!
68 Fiction
Popcorn is overrated!
72 Paula
Our wide open centerfold!
84 Swanktoons
Side splitting humor!
86 Wanted: Tiffany
Ready for a ride!
97 Marissa
Wet, hot and blonde! –
107 Homemade Porn
Do it yourself!
114 Porn Theater
A double header!
118 Stella
Tight young body ready for action!
155 Zara
Exotic cutie crams her cunny!


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