Pin-up by Aslan


  • Author(s): Alain Aslan. Ed. La Müsardine.
  • Language: french.
  • Publication date: 2010.
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Pin-up by Aslan


English: A-S-L-A-N Five letters for a painter who raised the pin-up to the rank of Fine Arts. More than a family album, this picture book – collected between 1964 and 1982 – is as heartwarming as it is impressive. He will convince you, if necessary, that Mr. Aslan has engraved the national identity of French women in the erotic imagery of the world.

French: A-S-L-A-N Cinq lettres pour un peintre qui a hissé la pin-up au rang des Beaux-Arts.   Plus qu’un album de famille, ce livre d’images ― recueillies entre 1964 et 1982 ― est aussi réjouissant qu’impressionnant. Il vous convaincra, s’il en est besoin, que Monsieur Aslan a gravé l’identité nationale de la femme française dans l’imagerie érotique mondiale.


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