Hustler Magazine – November 2001


  • Author(s): L. Flynt.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: Hustler Magazine November 2001.
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Hustler Nov 2001
Hustler November 2001 magazine back issue cover image

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Hustler November 2001


  • Covergirl Monica.
  • “You Are Getting Very Sleazy…” Better Sex Through Hypnosis.
  • Win Friends & Influence Bimbos.
  • Open For Drilling: Penetrating Girl/Boy Action.
  • An Insider Guide To Underground Sex Clubs.

Hustler Magazine – November 2001



20 Nick and Monica: Health Nuts
Photography by Clive McLean
32 Carmen: Back-Door Gypsy
Photography by Matti Klatt
54 Sky: Four Skin
2001 Beaver Hunt Finalist #4 Photography by Clive McLean
64 Tracey and Celeste: Slobber Sisters
Photography by Matti KIE'
82 Destiny: Beautiful Reamer .
Centerfold Photography by Clive McLean
100 Gauge and Lee: Quim Before the Storm
Photography by Matti Klatt
166 Salomé: Sophisticated Ass
Photography by Stephano Santori


124 Beaver Hunt
Local Cooze Report
3 Sleaza Tequila
16 Postcards From the Road
Cartoon Travelogue by George Trosley
28 The Dead Wives Club
A HUSTLER Movie Parody
53 Sex Play
Urethral Injection: Catheter Junkies Turn Peeholes Into Fuckholes by Melissa Monet
7 Gotham and Gomorrah
After Mayor Giuliani's Crackdown on Adult Businesses, New York Sex Freaks Took Their Kinkfests Underground. HUSTLER Bites Into the Big Apple's New Depravity. On-the-Scene Sinning With Selwyn Harris
94 The Cult of Spiritual Sex: Scam or Shaman?
The Cosmic Orgasm Can Apparently Be HadÒ€”for a Price. Guided by New Age Gurus and Out-call "Priestesses," Tantric-Sex Converts Claim to Achieve Carnal Nirvana. Report by Stephen Johnson


7 Bits & Pieces
Anne Robinson Slammed and the Bush Twins Hammered Edited by Dick Purse!
14 Feedback
Wow; Opinions Really Are Like Assholes
30 Dear Slut
XXX Star Jeanna Fine Tells the Fucking Truth
43 Erotic Entertainment
"Look Into My Browneye": Hypnosis+Anal Sex=Fun! Edited by Gus Mastrapa
62 Hot Letters
Whack Writing
92 HUSTLER Humor
Edited by Andrew Quintero
124 Beaver Hunt
Local Cooze Report

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