Hustler Magazine – November 1999


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  • Publication date: Hustler Magazine November 1999.
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Hustler Nov 1999
Hustler November 1999 magazine back issue cover image

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Hustler Magazine – November 1999


Covergirl & Honey of the Month Centerfold Jackie.
Hard-Core Sex Addicts Shoot For Sick Thrills.
Plunge Into New York City’s Hooker Underground.
12 Raunchy Video Reviews.
Porn Street, USA: XXX Dribbles Into The Mainstream.

Hustler Magazine – November 1999


5 Bits & Pieces
Flog the Hedgehog and Win Edited by Matt Wayne
11 Feedback
Postal Kudos and Kicks From HUSTLER Readers
12 Ad Parody
Naive: L'urinal
14 Dear Slut
XXX Star Jeanna Fine Tells the Fucking Truth
20 Melanie and Nicole: Law and Ardor
Photography by Clive McLean
30 Hot Letters
Tasty T&A Turkey-Day Tales
33 Erotic Entertainment
Big Apple Sex Biz Proves Rotten Edited by Tim Kenneally
44 Sex Play
Newfangled Fuck Fun: Sexual Depravity for a Jaded Age By Derek Bauerstool
48 Cassandra and Anthony: Contract Labia
Photography by Clive McLean
56 Socially Acceptable Sleaze
Porn Stars and XXX Profits Dribble Into the Mainstream Report by Richard Linnett
62 Pamela: Fire in the Hole
Photography by James Baes
70 Jackie: Hot Flash
Centerfold Photography by Matti Klatt
80 HUSTLER Humor
Edited by Matt Wayne
82 No Jerk City
Manhattan Tramps Looking for a Place to Go-Go On the Street With Guy Gonzales
86 Ashleigh: Womb With a View
Photography by Matti Klatt
104 Beaver Hunt
Open House for Neighborhood Crotch
142 Mindy: Raging Waters
Photography by Flamingo Photo


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