Hustler Magazine – March 2000


  • Author(s): L. Flynt.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: Hustler Magazine March 2000.
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Hustler Mar 2000
Hustler March 2000 magazine back issue cover image

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Hustler March 2000


  • Covergirl & Honey of the Month Centerfold Genesis.
  • Dixie’s Lewdest Strip Joints.
  • New Rights For The Circumcised.
  • A Dirty Dozen Of The Hardest Porn Reviews In Print.
  • The Hooker’s Revenge.

Hustler Magazine – March 2000


5 Bits & Pieces
A Message From the Ass-PCA: HUSTLER's Bitch Rescue Program Edited by Matt Wayne
11 Feedback
Kisses and Disses From HUSTLER Readers
13 Tail From the Crypt
A HUSTLER Carnal Comic
18 Dear Slut
XXX Star Jeanna Fine Tells the Fucking Truth
20 Alexandra and Vivi Anne: On the Outskirts
Photography by Maui Klatt
35 Erotic Entertainment
Piss Videos Flood the XXX Market Edited by Dick Pursel
42 Hot Letters
Spunk Mail
50 Sex Play
Turtleneck Envy: Pud-Pullers Stretch for Extra Inches by Richard Linnett
54 Clarise: Naturalist High
Photography by SuzeRandall
60 Unbuckling the Bible Belt
A Yankee Seeks Southern Comfort at Dixie Pussy Parlors Sample the Sauce With Miles Sonnenbaum
64 Nikki: Porcelain Goddess
Photography by Clive McLean
74 Genesis: Urbane Outfitter
Centerfold Photography by Maui Klatt
84 HUSTLER Humor
Edited by Alan Way ne
86 Revenge of the Whores
Ex-Floozies Bushwhack Johns at School for Busted Tricks Report by David Levinsky
93 Jenny and Brick: Feeling Frisky
Photography by Clive McLean
108 Beaver Hunt
Good Flashes Make Good Neighbors
150 Nadine: Family Heirloom
Photography by Joanic Allum


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