Hustler Magazine – June 2001


  • Author(s): L. Flynt.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: Hustler Magazine June 2001.
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Hustler Jun 2001
Hustler June 2001 magazine back issue cover image

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Hustler June 2001


  • Covergirl & Honey of the Month Centerfold Tally.
  • Ladies In Command: Inside A Sex-Slave Colony Where Chicks Crack The Whip.
  • Porn After Bush.
  • 27 Cartoons Play Dirty With The First Amendment.
  • Older Women, Teenage Boys.

Hustler Magazine – June 2001



20 Destiny and Lee: Give Up the Gunk
Photography by Clive McLean
40 Ronnie: Happiness Is a Warm Cunt
Photography by James Baes
58 Sabrina and Aelita: Journey to Itchy-clam
Photography by Matti Klatt
70 Sasha's Snow Day
Photography by Clive A'
81 Is Tally in Double?
Centerfold Photography by Matti Klatt
100 Mirage and Erik: Third-Eye Blonde
Photography by Fresh Media
166 Gail: The Sweet Smell of Excess
Photography by Jana Krenova


3 Rides Wanted
Another HUSTLER Ad Parody
55 Sex Play
Eat Shit and Come: Chocolate Lovers Deliver the Scoop on Poop by Dan Kapelovitz
66 Teacher's Hot for Student Cock
Before a Schoolboy Who Screws His Sexy Teacher Has a Chance to Pinch Himself, a Statutory-Rape Conviction Could Land His Dream Lay in Jail and Spoil All the Fun. Report by Lara Sterling
94 A Tyranny of Bitches
The Other World Kingdom is a Female- Supremacist State Where Men Are Taught Obedience at the Business End of a Whip. A HUSTLER Freedom Fighter Infiltrates the Gynarchy and Marks His Territory. Undercover With Moo Winetrappe


7 Bits & Pieces
Hollywood Sores: Celebrity VD Runs Rampant Edited by Matt Wayne
15 Feedback
You Squawk, We Listen
30 Hot Letters
Written in Pink
33 Erotic Entertainment
"I'd Like to Spank the Academy…": Doling Out Kudos at a Porn Awards Show Edited by Gus Mastrapa
50 Dear Slut
XXX Star Jeanna Fine Tells the . Fucking Truth
92 HUSTLER Humor
Edited by Andrew Quintero
124 Beaver Hunt
Nudity Begins at Home

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