Hustler Magazine – January 1986


  • Author(s): L. Flynt.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: January 1986.
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Hustler Jan 1986
Hustler Magazine - January 1986

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Hustler January 1986


  • Sharing A Partner.
  • Earthquake – The Coming Death Of Los Angeles.
  • Hustler’s Ms. Nude America.
  • Palm Springs Poolside Sex.

Hustler Magazine – January 1986


5 Hot Letters
9 Feedback
13 Comic Relief by Lotus Weinstock
15 Bits and Pieces Million-Dollar Muffs, Generic Slut … and More. Edited by Lonn M. Friend
30 Sabrina: Wet Beat Photography by Clive McLean
38 Earthquake: The Death of Los Angeles Report by Roderick Thorp
42 Ms. Nude America 1985 Photography by James Bass and Ladi von Jansky
52 Cheri: High-Rise Cowgirl Centerfold Photography by James Baes
64 HUSTLER Humor
66 The Arrangement Fiction by Peter Eklund
72 Come On In, The Water's Fine Photography by Clive McLean
85 Beaver Hunt Xmas Gifts Unwrapped

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