Hustler Magazine – Holiday 1998


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  • Publication date: Hustler Magazine Holiday 1998.
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Hustler Hol 1998
Hustler Holiday 1998 magazine. Hustler Magazine - Holiday 1998


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Hustler Magazine – Holiday 1998


  • Covergirl & Honey of the Month Centerfold Sheena.
  • Grow Old; Stay Hard.
  • 10 Sex Crimes That Shocked Our Modern Age.
  • 26 Cartoons Break The Taste Barrier.
  • Buy Sex Legally.

Hustler Magazine – Holiday 1998


5 Bits & Pieces
A Peek Inside Monica's Drawers Edited by Matt Wayne
11 Feedback
Praise and Pans From the HUSTLER Army
12 Our Models Can Piss on Their Models
14 The Jerkoff Papers
HUSTLER's Unbiased Review of Men's Magazines Smut Surveillance by Our Editors
20 Dear Slut
XXX Star Jeanna Fine Tells the Fucking Truth
22 Zoe and Lilith: S&M Soul Mates
Photography by Matti Klatt
35 Hot Letters
Sealed With a Stroke
37 Erotic Entertainment
HUSTLER Online Unveils the Ultimate Guide to XXX Films Edited by Evan Wright
52 Sex Play
The Midlife Bonus: Better Sex for Aging Men by Kent Smythe
56 Mary: Naked Lunch Break Beaver Flash
Photography by Hunter Photo
62 Whores Unite!
The Slut Crusaders' Fight to Make Prostitution Legal Article by David Buchbinder
66 Tex and Jackie: Welcome to Pervert Country
Photography by Matti Klatt
78 Sheena: May I Have This Lap Dance?
Centerfold Photography by Clive McLean
88 HUSTLER Humor
Edited by J. M. Heaney
90 Rapists, Killers and Cannibals
Ten Sick Fiends From the Sex Murderer Hall of Infamy Atrocity Overview by Mark Taylor
94 Tammy: Back-Door Bachelorette
Photography by Clive McLean
112 Beaver Hunt
Tails From the 'Hood
154 Anita: Nympho in Waiting
Photography by Jana Krenova


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