Hustler Magazine – December 2001


  • Author(s): L. Flynt.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: Hustler Magazine December 2001.
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Hustler Dec 2001
Hustler December 2001 magazine back issue cover image

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Hustler December 2001


  • Covergirl Cindy and Bobbie.
  • XXX Aqua Boogie: Underwater Sex Vids Flood The Market.
  • Death On Display: Shocking Photos Of Cadavers As Art.
  • Check In & Get Off: America’s Sleaziest Sex Motels Revealed.
  • Ultimate Cage Fighting: Grab A Ringside Seat At Brazil’s Bloody Slugfests.

Hustler Magazine – December 2001



20 Nicole and Voodoo: Anal Witchcraft
Photography by Clive McLean
35 Destiny: Afrolicious
Photography by Matti Klatt
55 Cindy and Bobbie: Buckin' Cowgirls
Photography by Matti Klatt
70 Phoebe: Leg Goddess
Photography by Clive McLean
82 Terri: In the Pink
Centerfold Photography by Clive McLean
102 Sara and Lars: Gym Bunnies
Photography by Bob Twigg
161 Laura Lee: Classy Cooze
Photography by Matti Klatt


16 Exquisite Corpses
Gunther von Hagens's Ultimate Strip Show
52 Sex Play
Dykes With Dicks: Sex-Changing Chicks Grow Their Own Wood by Jackie Cohen
64 Ass, Cooze and Lodging
At the Typical Pervert-Friendly Hostelry, the Only Amenities Are Discretion and Pre-Stained Sheets, A Fearless HUSTLER Correspondent Checks Into the Sordid World of No-Tell Motels. Report by Nico VVinetrappe
94 No Holds Barred: Where Men Fight Like They Mean It
In Brazil's Bloody Vale Tudo Cage Brawls, You'd Better Have Balls of Steel. Soaking Up Local Color With Todd Hester and Alex Marvel

7 Bits & Pieces
Farces and Arses Edited by Dick Pursel
14 Feedback
Words Do Hurt if You Use 'Em Right
32 Dear Slut
XXX Star Jeanna Fine Tells the Fucking Truth
43 Erotic Entertainment
Underwater Sex Videos: The Next Wave in Porn? Edited by Gus Mastrapa
51 Hot Letters
Writing to Take a Whack At
92 HUSTLER Humor
Edited by Andrew Quintero
124 Beaver Hunt
Neighborly Splays


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