Hustler Magazine – April 2002


  • Author(s): L. Flynt.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date:  2002.
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  • Hustler Magazine – April 2002.
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Hustler Apr 2002
Hustler April 2002 magazine back issue cover image. Hustler Magazine - April 2002.


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Hustler April 2002


Covergirl Randy.
High-Tech Sex Dolls: Will They Make Women Obsolete?
So You Want To Date A Stripper: How To Land One & When To Run.
Made From The Best Muff On Earth: 24 Women Strip & Spread.
Dead Heat: Digging Up The Truth About Necrophilia.

Hustler Magazine – April 2002



20 Jasse and Randy: kick Off
Photography by Clive McLean
34 Abigail: Wood Nymph
Photography by Matti Klatt
52 Anita and Anita: Shop a Feel
Photography by Clive McLean
64 Monique: Skinny-Dipper
Photography by Clive McLean
78 Anne: A Screw World Order
Centerfold Photography by Matti Klatt
97 Nikita and Reno: Wise Ass
Photography by Matti Klatt
160 Shaundra Goes Public
Photography by J. B. de Broca


3 XXXtra Semen-Free Cum
16 A Tragedy
We Could Live With Wishful Thinking by Bob Muleady
72 Guys and Silicone Dolls
Fucking an Inanimate Rubber Object Has Never Been So Gratifying. Today's Doll Boffers No Longer Need to Blow Up Their Surrogate Girlfriends, but Some Modern, Super-Realistic Sex Mannequins Are Breathtaking Nonetheless. Report by MiKe Kelly
90 Dead Lays
For Horny Necrophiles Who Troll Morgues and Graveyards in Search of a Good Time, the Term "Dear Departed" Takes on Profound Meaning. Digging Up Dirt With Chad Hensley
156 Sex Play
Save the Lap Dance for Me: The Twisted Truth About Dating Pole Polishers by Erich Krauss


7 Bits & Pieces
Putting the Poon in Lampoon Edited by Stephen Sonneveld
14 Feedback
Writing Wrongs
32 Hot Letters
Filthy Reader Confessions
43 Erotic Entertainment
Raunch Rated From Top to Slop Edited by Gus Mastrapa
60 Dear Slut
XXX Star Jeanna Fine Tells the Fucking Truth.
88 HUSTLER Humor.
Edited by Andrew Quintero.
122 Beaver Hunt.
Homeward Mound.

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