The Best Books of 2020

The Best Books of 2020 (so far)

The Best Books of 2020 so far.

2020 has for sure been a daunting year, but the quarantine was the perfect opportunity for readers to fully dive into their books and let their imagination wander with the writings of the best authors. 2020 has already had his fair share of great books so far. We present here the best of them.

· The City We Became, by N.K. Jemisin

The three-time Hugo Award winner and New York Times best-selling author N.K Jemisin portrays an image of New York City full of soul, fantasy, and mystery. With big cities being alive and the five boroughs of New York being incarnated by people fighting to protect the city from an ancient enemy, there is no wonder why The Guardian has called this novel “a gift for our culture”. When talking about 2020 best books so far, this one is top notch.

· The Mirror and the Light, by Hilary Mantel

The final installment of the two-time Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel’s trilogy has finally arrived. This historical novel deals with the period following Anne Boleyn’s death, the peak of Oliver Cromwell’s power and wealth, and later his downfall and execution. If this were not enough to show this is one of the best books so far, it might be worth mentioning that Hilary Mantel won both of her Booker Prizes with the predecessors of this novel.

· Weather, by Jenny Offill

The best-selling author Jenny Offill presents us with a cutting-edge novel with a cutting-edge topic: weather and its consequences about the future. The main character is trying to come to terms with the fact the climate crisis cannot be solved and that her child will have to grow in that world. Offill’s writing uses the character’s mind, which is full of facts and obsessed with the climate crisis, to walk the reader through their fears about climate.

The classics will always be the classics, but the best books of 2020 so far are true contestants looking forward. What is your favorite book of 2020? Do you have some book in mind? Leave us a comment.

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