Swank Magazine #144 – December 2008


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  • Publication date: December 2008.
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  • Swank Magazine Swank #144 – December 2008.
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Swank Magazine #144 December 2008

Swank Magazine #144 - December 2008

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Swank Magazine #144 – December 2008


  • Vintage Horror Porn!
  • Teen Cutie Gives Her First BJ!
  • Sophia Shows Off Her Twat…& Her Tattoos!
  • Wanted: Marsha.

Swank Magazine #144 – December 2008


This month is a guaranteed boner-inducer! I’ve read this thing seven times before it went to the press, and believe me, as a world-renown cunt-hound, it got me going! I dropped a couple of pearls of jizz-dom like it was going out of style! But you and I both know that shootin’ spuzz and hot slits never go out of style, right? Right! Hey, check out the hottest babes on the planet – pussy, tits, ass, and all of that! Then, dig the latest Stuff, the best bangs on disc, the consequences of hitchhiking in ”Don’t Make A Move” and all the rest! Get ready, ’cause this one’s gonna be messy!

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