Hustler Magazine – April 1985


  • Author(s): L. Flynt.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: Hustler Magazine April 1985.
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Hustler Apr 1985
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Hustler April 1985


  • Rock’s Underbelly: The Sex, The Drugs, The Gossip.
  • Exclusive Stills From Spring’s Hottest Porn Flick.
  • Comedian Paul Rodriguez On Latino Lust.
  • Comic Relief.

Hustler Magazine April 1985


5 Feedback
10 Guest Editorial Get the U.S. Out of Central America Now! by Dr. Blase Bonpane
13 Comic Relief by Paul Rodriguez
14 Melody Makers
17 Sex News Bits
19 Dear Granny
23 Washington Daisy Chain
25 Bits and Pieces Sports Illustrated, Mechanized Manservant . . . and More. Edited by Lonn M. Friend
35 HUSTLER Erotic Entertainment
41 Sex Play Danger: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac? by Michael Levine
44 Vulgar the Vindicator Photography Matti Klatt
54 Rock's Outer Limits: The Loud and 'Lude World of Heavy Metal by Lonn M. Friend
61 Shayla: In Fine Form Centerfold Photography by James Baes
72 HUSTLER Humor
74 Falwell vs. Flynt: Strong Reaction From the Nation's Press
76 Chrystal: Pleasure Cruise Photography by Clive McLean
89 Sneak Preview: Behind the Scenes at a Sizzling New Porn Flick by Doug Oliver
93 Kinky Korner Dial-a-Stud by Marcella Wilson
94 Eve and Ebony: Mixed Doubles Photography by Matti Klatt
105 Beaver Hunt Delicious Damsels


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