Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver


  • Author(s): Barbara Kingsolver.
  • Language: english.
  • Publication date: October 18, 2022.
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ISBN: 978–0–571–37649–0

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver


Set in the mountains of southern Appalachia, Demon Copperhead tells the tale of a young boy born to a teenage single mother in a single-wide trailer. With no assets except for his deceased father’s striking looks and copper-colored hair, a sharp sense of humor, and an innate talent for survival, Demon confronts the challenges of foster care, child labor, dilapidated schools, athletic achievements, addiction, heart-wrenching romances, and devastating losses. Narrated in his own unflinching voice, he grapples with his own invisibility in a popular culture that has forsaken rural communities in favor of urban centers.

Centuries ago, Charles Dickens penned David Copperfield based on his own experiences as a survivor of institutional poverty and the detrimental effects it had on children of his time. Regrettably, these issues persist in our society. While Dickens’ work is not a prerequisite for readers of this novel, it served as a profound source of inspiration. By transporting a Victorian epic into the modern American South, Barbara Kingsolver channels Dickens’ indignation, empathy, and, above all, his belief in the transformative power of a compelling narrative. Demon Copperhead gives voice to a new generation of lost boys and all those born into enchanting yet cursed places they couldn’t fathom leaving behind.

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"A heartrending, probing and ultimately hopeful tale about a young boy’s journey from devastation to survival….It’s hard to ascertain which is more brilliant, Kingsolver’s skill in modernizing Dickens’ narrative or the voice she gives to the privations and adversities facing the land and people she so dearly loves.” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"This is storytelling at its best. The voice rings true and so do the incidents." — Stephen King
Published: October 18, 2022.
Language: English.
ISBN-10: ‎ 0063251922.
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0063251922.

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