Myth and facts about COVID-19 Coronavirus

Myths and facts about COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Myths and facts about COVID-19: due to the panic that the Coronavirus pandemic has created, a lot of misinformation has been shared about this disease. Although institutions such as the WHO have clarified most of the information providing facts, there is still a myriad of myths hovering around

• Myth: The Coronavirus only affects old people

The fact is that even though the elderly is the most affected part of the population, this does not spare other people from catching the disease and suffering from its symptoms. Anybody with preexisting medical problems will be more vulnerable to the effects of the novel coronavirus.

• Myth: If you get COVID-19 you will die

This disease is for sure something to be aware of, especially because it is a new virus previously unknown by men. The reality is that the fact is considerably away from this myth. The mortality rate of the novel coronavirus roams the 1% overall. As stated previously, for people with preexisting medical conditions the probability of a more complicated case increases.

Myths and facts about COVID-19 Coronavirus

Will COVID-19 change the way we live forever?

• Myth: Drinking hot beverages prevents Coronavirus

The ingest of drinks, whether hot or cold has no effect whatsoever in preventing, fighting or curing this disease. There will be no change at all and the probability of getting the disease will remain the same.

• Myth: Antibiotics can cure the coronavirus

This is not true, since antibiotics are meant to cure bacteria, not viruses. There are no treatments for the coronavirus at the moment and using antibiotics without prescription could develop into medical problems.

• Myth: Eating garlic in big quantities can help prevent coronavirus

There are no foods, drinks or magical remedies for this disease. Eating garlic will only result in a rather strong-smelling breath. In fact, there is no scientific proof supporting these remedies.

With all the distress flying around this new disease, it is very paramount for us to confirm the information we receive and not just believe and forward myths. In the same way there is mis information about the coronavirus, there are also facts worth reading.

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